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    Technologies ASG (Automotive Smart Grid) are created by Finprom-Resource for vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers, who wants to expand functional possibilities of vehicle systems without increasing costs.

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Definitions and purposes

Technological review ASG

Definitions and purposes

Technologies ASG (Automotive Smart Grid) are intended for manufacturers of cars, vendors who want to expand functionality of the products without cost price increase.

Technologies ASG are created for complex platforms of management by groups of automobile knots: from several automobile knots to hundreds knots in one system. ASG provides control in knots, car systems in real time.

Unlike existing systems with LIN or CAN, technologies ASG provides high economy and low costs on Е/E components. Technologies ASG create open IT-architecture of onboard networks with minimum weight, length and total cost of components.

We have collected last achievements in advanced electronic, energy management, special IT – products for the autoindustry. Technologies ASG are new type of technologies which combine reduction of economic expenses with growth functionality for vehicle systems.

Product components

Technologies ASG and technical decisions on their basis consist of several components:

• Advanced power network architecture and communication network carrying out simultaneously - technology RT PLC (Real Time Power Line Communication)

• Universal control modules (ECU)

• System and applied software

Technologies ASG are divided into 2 basic of a class:

- Medium-rate technology ASG work by principle «Master - Slave»

- High-speed technology AVAS – ASG work by principle «Multimaster»

Advanced power nets architecture

Current problem includes maintenance of numerous power, information, functional, diagnostic functions in the vehicle. Technologies ASG suggest to create 2 wire architecture in vehicle as alternative to difficult and expensive decisions.

Advanced architecture minimizes expenses for energy distribution, reduce costs and give additional fuvctional possibilities.

Architecture ASG carries out 5 technical functions:

• energy distribution via 2 wire lines

• data transmission in real time

• realization of control systems in knots in real time

• continuous energy management in knots and in all system

• continuous diagnostics and automatic blocking of refusals

Therefore we get smart network with a set of options.

Universal control modules (ECU)

One of the main purpose of ASG – create flexible, distributed environment of intellectual knots in transport. Application ASG is capable to give additional intelligence to any simple or difficult knot in the vehicle. It is reached due to new sensorless algorithms of management, hi-tech mechatronics in real time.

Management modules realize hi-tech functions for vehicle knots:

• sensorless definition of coordinates, speed and loading moment on drives

• option antipinch and antijamming for electromechanical systems

• option synchronous drives work

• option “dynamic memory” for movement trajectories in electromechanical systems

• option “coordinations memory” for the systems sated by the knots

• option “energy management” with feedback on current power consumption

• option “intellectual protection” for networks from wire breakage to short circuits

Technical parameters ASG

Technologies ASG are multifunctional decisions with several groups of parameters. Possibilities of ASG:

• Energy management

Architecture ASG – systems minimizes number and complexity of physical communications between a source and all consumers of energy. The problem of optimum distribution of energy between car knots thus dares. Power supply system ASG is flexibly balanced for increase in EFFICIENCY and decrease in levels of all kinds of noise. The successful power balance of a network of power supplies is reached for the account by management of transients in networks, continuous tracking and diagnostics of streams of energy.

• Communication between knots

It, is provided with new type of noiseproof technology PLC in real time. Information components allow to conduct exchange in network with stable speed of data transmission. Information level provides 2 kinds of synchronization: synchronization of the data and synchronization of performance traffic. All information level is developed for effective data management:

- Steady work of communication in the vehicle electric environment

- Efficiency of communication

- Uniform grids of various processes synchronization in ASG – systems

• Management in ASG – system

Technologies ASG support integrated management in real time. Management functions are structured on 3 levels with times of reaction: 10-4 s, 10-2 s, 10-1 s.

The first level is intended for mechatronic functions of knots. The second level – works for local systems. The third level unites local systems in one global system. Management level is created for the flexible decision of all classes of problems occurred onboard the car.

• Diagnostics of knots

Set of the previous 3 points allows to see uniform digital photo with vehicle conditions. The basic difference of the diagnostic system is possibility to find out refusal before its action on the car: superfast automatic functions of protection.

Applications ASG

 The basic idea of ASG: «less expenses, more functional and conveniences for the customer». Technologies ASG create transition «quantity – quality», cost price decreases, and functional of car systems sharply increases.

We suggest consumer to get higher profit at the expense of depreciation of wire networks, connectors, reduce quantity of control blocks (CU). Simultaneously ASG gives growth functional due to effective IT tools of system in real time. For verification of these principles and in interests of our clients some applications ASG are already realized.

In cooperation with groups of professional engineers of the autoindustry the following number of applications ASG – technologies is realized:

- Application control of access to the car (door system), including window raisers

- Application control of seats system

- Application adaptive light

- Application E\E – vehicle platforms in a network 13.5V