• Technologies ASG

    Technologies ASG (Automotive Smart Grid) are created by Finprom-Resource for vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers, who wants to expand functional possibilities of vehicle systems without increasing costs.

  • Transport applications

    Last achievments in electronics. ASG applications in vehicles

  • New projects

    New company developments

Movement system
High-voltage system
Seat system
Doors system
Access system

is made today.   

New EE architecture for Lada Vesta on the ASG platform


Li-ion batteries

Company develop new generation of Li-ion batteries with ASG technology.

Nowadays first stage of the project (modelling) is finished.

According to model the main advantage of ASG technology is increasing of autonomy. Especialy good results will be in city cycle with a lot of start-stops and energy recuperation.

We start development of the battery prototype.


Some vehicle companies and experts believe that 48V systems is the future of the automotive electronics. Our company adapted ASG technology to 48V nets.

Our estimations show that technology will be effective and control units possibly will be lower..

ASG in energetics

One of the spheres of ASG implementation is energetics. There are a lot of troubles and challenges in energetics nets like energy losses, system reliability and energy management. Technology ASG could be usefull and solve a number of problems.