Article in EE Times Automotive

There is article by Khamis Kadiri (PSA Peugeot Citroen), Valery E. Anisimov (Finprom-Resource) and Philippe Briot (Briot & Associates) in online magazine EE Times Automotive.

Main theme of the article is novel architecture for electrovehicles (EV). Base of the article is "IG "FINPROM-RESOURCE" developments: systems Real Time PLC (RT PLC) and Automotive Smart Grid (ASG). There are economic and technical data. For example, economic effect is about 35 euro per 1 system, also this developments allow to add new options in easy way (by soft).

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  • Access system

    Control system "RT PLC access" allow to realize functions of smart recognition and increase safety.
  • Doors system

    Control system "RT PLC doors" consist of 2 wires line that transfer energy and information and 2 types of control modules: Master and Slave.
  • Seat system

    Control system "RT PLC seats" is 2-wires line and blocks Master and Slaves.
  • Climate-control

    Control system "climate RT PLC" allow to regulate temperature and conditionning inside the vehicle. There are a lot of possibilities to tune it in different variants.
  • High-voltage system

    Control system "high-voltage RT PLC" allow to realize control for power parts: electro engine and battery
  • Movement system

    Control system "movement RT PLC" include list of options: ABS, different drive modes etc
  • Lighting

    In control system "RT PLC lighting" we realize control for front and back vehicle lamps and their connection with cockpit. Also realized full performance for lighting system.
  • New projects
    New company developments
  • Transport applications
    Last achievments in electronics. ASG applications in vehicles
  • Technologies ASG
    Technologies ASG (Automotive Smart Grid) are created by Finprom-Resource for vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers, who wants to expand functional possibilities of vehicle systems without increasing costs.