«Industrial Group FINPROM-RESOURCE» llc. had visited R&D center of PSA Peugeot Citroen in Vélizy, France

25.10.10 – 29.10.10 «Industrial Group FINPROM-RESOURCE» had visited the R&D center of PSA Peugeot Citroen in Vélizy, France.

Companies had discussed prospects of collaboration and plan of MSP LIN technology introduction. Our company had shown prototypes of seat and door systems and told about principles of illumination (light) system. «Industrial Group FINPROM-RESOURCE» had shown economic and functional advantages of our technologies.

Also, theme of MSP LIN application in hybrids and electrocars was separately discussed.

Besides there were meetings with suppliers: Faurecia, Magneti Marelli, Johnson Controls. Moreover, PSA think that prospects of MSP LIN technology will be much better if the technology will be accepted by several big vehicle manufacturers. In connection with this, there was meeting with Renault experts.

The result of visit is agreement of continuation work over applications with MSP LIN systems with PSA suppliers. There will be visit of PSA experts in Saratov at the end of November. In Saratov we will discuss and make more specific our plan of work on next year.

  • Access system

    Control system "RT PLC access" allow to realize functions of smart recognition and increase safety.
  • Doors system

    Control system "RT PLC doors" consist of 2 wires line that transfer energy and information and 2 types of control modules: Master and Slave.
  • Seat system

    Control system "RT PLC seats" is 2-wires line and blocks Master and Slaves.
  • Climate-control

    Control system "climate RT PLC" allow to regulate temperature and conditionning inside the vehicle. There are a lot of possibilities to tune it in different variants.
  • High-voltage system

    Control system "high-voltage RT PLC" allow to realize control for power parts: electro engine and battery
  • Movement system

    Control system "movement RT PLC" include list of options: ABS, different drive modes etc
  • Lighting

    In control system "RT PLC lighting" we realize control for front and back vehicle lamps and their connection with cockpit. Also realized full performance for lighting system.
  • New projects
    New company developments
  • Transport applications
    Last achievments in electronics. ASG applications in vehicles
  • Technologies ASG
    Technologies ASG (Automotive Smart Grid) are created by Finprom-Resource for vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers, who wants to expand functional possibilities of vehicle systems without increasing costs.